This is my BA graduation project, made at the Faculty of Design at Lodz University of Technology.
It's an alternative guide to the city of Łódź (Poland).
Made as a tribute to my beloved hometown.
Instead of making a regular book publication, I decided to split the content into three separate booklets, accompanied by a notebook and folded city plan. Tailor-made cardboard box acts as a cover. 
The booklets are thematically divided, each covering one of the following topics:
- Miejsca i Ludzie (Places and People) – General characteristics of the city, places to spend free time, architecture...
- Natura (Nature) – Parks and green areas
- Wydarzenia (Events) – Selection of reccuring ventures, cultural and other
Miejsca i Ludzie
City plan:
front and back
The aim of this publication is to inspire and intrigue, rather than dictate ready-made solutions.
It presents my own perception of Łódź (texts, photos and illustrations were made by me, unless stated otherwise),
a set of information that can serve as a starting point to explore the city.
Modular form of the guidebook makes it flexible and multifunctional – the user can remove one part, add their notes, sketches etc.
The booklets where hand-stiched and the box hand-folded by me. 
thank you!
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