Hi! I'm natbartczak, freelance graphic designer & illustrator from Lodz, Poland.
And this is my personal brand identity design!
I wanted my personal logo to be playful, inviting and vivid. 
I knew, I'll be using it on different media and for various purposes, so my focus was on adaptability 
and creating a strong visual language of colors and forms, rather than a single sign.
logotype – primary and alt versions
color palette        
business cards and logo stickers!
My main platform for communicating with my community is instagram, so I put a lot of focus to implementing my branding there. I created a set of icons which I use mainly as highlight covers.
I also developed a set of illustrated stickers for my instagram stories.
and last but not least – my website, that's still a work in progress ;)
let's keep in touch ♥
here's my instagram
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