Amongst all the problems with popular culture there is this with representation, often incorrectly reffered to as political correctness (which is a completely different thing). 

Western culture does not represent the structure of its society, it's not even a debatable thing - it's a fact supported by numbers. But it is debated. Argued wildly to be clear. 

As usual, the only way, if any, to reason with all those fake-but-sounding-legit-at-first arguments of the people defending the old good order (that is the one and only righteous white male hero in this case) is by keeping things as simple as possible. Some time ago I stumbled upon the simplest explenation of this case on tumblr

I translated it to Polish and made a zine out of it (asking the author for permission first ofc). Here it is: 
Thank you! 
Raisin metaphore author: Jessica Valler (

layout, illustration, typography: Natalia Bartczak

made as a semester project at Editorial & Typography Design Studio (BA Graphic Course, Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź) under direction of Professor Sławomir Kosmynka.  
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